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Vision of Oneness

Quantum Field Theory (QFT)




Vision of Oneness

The hardcopy published  by Aracne Editrice, Rome, Italy.






Quantum Field Theory (QFT)

EJTP Special Issue 2008


At present, Quantum Field Theory is the most complete description of physical world, it is the necessary condition  which any future unification theory has to pass throught. The conceptual richness of QFT is counterbalanced by many unsolved questions and a variety of different approaches in answering them. In this anthology we aim to investigate the "ontological" and epistemological sides of such world description: what is a particle? What is the relationship between Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory? What is the observer's role in QFTs? What is the role of the renormalization group in complex systems' physics? What is the connection between information theory, quantum computing and QFTs? These are the questions we asked to an exceptional team of authors listed below.


This page lists some articles that will be published in the  Quantum Field Theory Issue



Topological Defects


Giuseppe Vitiello

 Dipartimento di Fisica, Universitą di Salerno, 84081 Italy



The Concept of Particle in QFT


Eliano Pessa

Centro Interdipartimentale di Scienze Cognitive, Universitµa di Pavia.Piazza Botta 6,27100 Pavia, Italy



Algebraic Facets in QFTs


Enrico Celeghini,

Dipartimento di Fisica, Univ. Firenze, Italy



Semi-classical Theories and QFT


E. Recami

Facoltµa di Ingegneria, Universitµa statale di Bergamo; and I.N.F.N. Sezione di Milano,

Milan, Italy


Giovanni Sales,

Facoltą di Ingegneria, Univ. Bergamo, Italy



Von Neumann's Examples of Types


R. Nobili

Dipartimento di Fisica "G. Galilei" Universitµa di Padova Via Marzolo 8, 35131 Padova Italy



Particles as Information, Para-Statistics and Holographic



Ignazio Licata

ISEM, Institute for Scientific Methodology, Palermo, Italy



Particle as Fuzzy Objects in QFTs


Ulrich Mohrhoff,

Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, Pondicherry, India



Quantum Information Manipulation: Topology, Formal Languages, Groups


Mario Rasetti and Chiara Marletto

Dipartimento di Fisica, Politecnico di Torino, Torino, Italy



Wigner's Friend and Bell's Field Beables


Jeff Barrett,

Dip. Phil., University of California, Irvine, USA



Particles in Random Dynamics


Holger Bech Nielsen,

Niels Bohr Institute,  University of Copenhagen, Denmark



Regularization, Re-normalization and Renormalization Group: Relationship and Epistemological Aspects;


Annick Lesne,

Institut des Hautes “Etudes Scientifiques, Le Bois-Marie, 35 route de Chartres, 91440, Bures-sur-Yvette, France



Quantum Field Theory, fundamental in determining the laws of  nature


R. Mirman,

155 East 34 Street, 10016 New York, NY, USA



Specific Features and Peculiarities of Field-theory Equations


Ludmila I. Petrova,

Moscow State University, Russia



General Structure and Syntax of a QFT


Tian Cao,

Dip. Phil., Boston University, USA



QFTs at Finite Temperature


Maria Paola Lombardo, INFN ,Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati ,Via Enrico Fermi 40, I 00044 Frascati, Roma, Italy



The Ontology of Quantum Fields: Entity  and Quality


Sunny Auyang,

Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory, Massachusetts

Institute of Technology (MIT),  & Creating Tech., Massachusetts, USA



A Lesson for QFTs: The S Matrix Theory

Francesco Maria Scarpa

SISSA, Triste, Italy


What "Relativity" for QFTs?


Leonardo Chiatti

Laboratorio di Fisica Medica ASL VT, Via S. Lorenzo 101, 01100 Viterbo, Italy





The Submission Deadline: 8 May  2008



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Ignazio Licata

Ammar Sakaji




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