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The Road to Reality, Roger Penrose




Publisher:; Knopf (February 22, 2005)

ISBN-10: 0679454438

ISBN-13: 978-0679454434


Roger Penrose’s book ”The Road to Reality”, A Complete Guide to the Laws of the Universe, the Sunday times and New York times and others: stated that, it is one of the top ten best seller of the world’s most original thinkers.  It is a complete comprehensive mathematical background of the fundamentals of relativity and quantum physics, and covers important aspects of classical physics, relativity, quantum physics, and quantum field theory. As the Amazon review: If Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton were alive, they would have it in their bookshelf.






The Nobel lectures in physics (2001-2005):

Edited by Gösta Ekspong (University of Stockholm, Sweden) World Scientific




The Nobel lectures in physics (2001-2005):

Eric A Cornell, Wolfgang Ketterle & Carl E Wieman, Raymond Davis Jr, Masatoshi Koshiba

Riccardo Giacconi, Alexei A Abrikosov, Vitaly L Ginzburg & Anthony J Leggett, David J Gross, H David Politzer & Frank Wilczek, Roy J Glauber, John L Hall & Theodor W Hänsch.






Quantum Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics,

Alexei M. Tsvelik





Publisher: Cambridge University Press; 2 edition (January 18, 2007)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0521529808

ISBN-13: 978-0521529808

This book covers important topics of the condensed matter physics such as; basic quantum field techniques; path integral, Feynman diagrams, Landau Fermi liquid theory, theory of strongly fluctuating correlated systems (spin systems) . non-perturbative techniques, theory of integrable systems, and the physics of the world of one spatial dimension.








Dynamics of Biological Systems

di Michael Small, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis,2012:


"From the spontaneous rapid firing of cortical neurons to the spatial diffusion of disease epidemics, biological systems exhibit rich dynamic behaviour over a vast range of time and space scales. Unifying many of these diverse phenomena, Dynamics of Biological Systems provides the computational and mathematical platform from which to understand the underlying processes of the phenomena"


"Quick and brilliant, Micheael Small book  is excellent for introducing the reader into the world of agents and networks, providing all the basic tools”.


Introduction to Random Time and Quantum Randomness

by Kai Lai Chung (Stanford University, USA) & Jean-Claude Zambrini (Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal)

(New Edition), World Scientific




“I recommend them to all readers who take pleasure from an informal style of presentation, where an introductory description to rather advanced probabilistic concepts is ornamented with personal memories, anecdotes and reflections plus harsh comments on competing or outdated viewpoints.”

Zentralblatt MATH


“This is a quite unusual and highly stimulating book, written by two masters of their fields. While directed primarily towards talented, broadminded and ambitious younger students of stochastics or mathematical physics, many more senior researchers will find points of considerable interest in the expositions.”

Short Book Reviews






 ‘Invitation to Contemporary Physics

2nd Edition. World Scientific

by Q Ho-Kim (Université Laval, Canada), N Kumar (Raman Research Institute, India), & C S Lam (McGill University, Canada)




“This is a very entertaining book,  much like an extended banquet with a choice of intellectual delicacies. Not to be consumed in one sitting, but savored over many readings. The book addresses many of the most exciting topics of the day: quantum computation, Bose–Einstein condensation, cosmology, and nanotechnology. The presentation is engaging and smooth, and the book is very enlightening and informative.”

Professor S “Sri” Sridhar

Northeastern University





A New Perspective on Relativity


An Odyssey in Non-Euclidean Geometries, World Scientific

by Bernard H Lavenda (Universita' degli Studi di Camerino, Italy)



"Lavenda's book is the most comprehensive and subtle analysis of the relationship between physics and geometry that led to the relativistic description of the mechanics and gravity. And even for their most common misconceptions. A must!"











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